Static Web Site Development

We work with Static Web Generators to build fast pages

We work with both Hugo and Hexo to generate static websites since they can be deployed anywhere since they don’t have any dependencies. If you need more instances, it is a snap to get another one, two, or three to help carry the load.

Static websites are becoming very popular in that they will run under any server capable of supporting websites; this could be IIS, Ngnix, Apache HTTP Server, or Apache Tomcat. It does not matter because no rendering engine has to happen. Pages are generated in the format they will be sent out; HTML with CSS for styling and some javascript where needed. We have been working with Hexo for many years, and it is the generator that we use for the creations of my technical blog. To give you some additional information about that journey, check out our blog post on the subject.

Hugo is an engine that we have been working with more recently. It is swift, and the templates are all based on the go template language. It is a lot of fun with lots of things you can do with it. This website is a Hugo-generated static website. I will be talking more about our adventures with this in a future blog.