Custom Software Development

Provide Products and Services that Create Efficient User-Friendly Interfaces and Reduce Data Redundancy

One of the services that we provide is custom software development. At the forefront of our minds while developing software is our mission to provide products and services that create efficient, user-friendly interfaces and reduce data redundancy. Many software programs appear not to consider the user or how the user works. Whether integrating legacy data or developing purely customized software, our primary concern is the user.

We began developing custom software when we could not find software that worked the way we wanted. The software available seemed to get in the way more than it helped us accomplish our tasks; thus, it forced us to do extra work with no benefit.

Our approach is to analyze the whole process, understand the workflow, and then develop a solution that works within that cycle, making the user more productive since the new software complements an already familiar environment, provides automation, and reduces training because the software works the way the user expects it to work.

We are well-grounded in the .Net Framework and many of the languages supported by Microsoft; however, we are partial to C#. We also have vast experience in Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.