SemVer Service

An easy way to follow the SemVer schema for version numbers

Do you need an easy way to follow the SemVer version number schema? This product updates the version number based on the branch. We do not want to think about the version numbers; we wanted to create a branch based on the kind of work we were doing, and the version would change as we expected. It only works with a git repo, assuming that all work is done on a topic branch. When the work is completed and tested, a Pull Request (PR) is created to merge the changes into the master branch. Only changes that are in the master branch get released to Production. As soon as we have completed a new feature or fixed a bug and it is good, it goes on to Production, no batching up of a bunch of features or bug fixes.

Next, the branches follow a very specific pattern. When we are working on a new enhancement, the branch will follow this kind of pattern:


When we are working on a bug fix I follow the following pattern:


When the branch starts with feature/, this will increment the minor number of the version, and when the branch starts with bug/, this will increment the patch number of the version. When a branch is not a master branch, the returning value will have additional suffix metadata attached to the version number like:


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